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Sameena K. Mughal started life in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. She is the proud daughter and sister of refugees who came to the United States from Uganda in 1972. She is a former high school English Language Learner teacher who retired early to pursue a passion for writing. For her, writing and the craft of storytelling enables her to enlighten others.

Like any writer, her passion for the written word came from an early love for reading. The way authors used words to create emotions and worlds fascinated her. She admired the creativity of writers and the power of story. She toyed with writing for years, suppressing the desire to delve into it. She kept her love for writing to herself for a long time, preferring to teach it, which she excelled at.

The desire to serve through teaching crept in subtly. Her initial goal was to attend law school, but that goal shifted as soon as she set foot on a college campus. She knew right away that she was not a match for law school. A teaching assistant experience led her to conclude that she enjoyed being part of another’s learning journey and enhancing their perspective. In this way, the field of education found her.

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