Tackling Subconscious Beliefs that Don't Serve You

Free Your Mind, Free Yourself


The foundation of our belief system forms before we are even aware. What we observe in our families, the people around us, and society as a whole, shapes us in ways that we may not even be aware we have. By the time we are seven years old, most of our belief systems have already been programmed. Some of those beliefs serve us, and some don’t. The limiting beliefs around self-worth and abundance are significant culprits in keeping us from moving forward.


When I was 11, I wanted to be a saxophone player. I loved David Bowie, and he was a saxophone player. I took lessons in school. A not very nice music teacher dashed my dreams. I forgot how to take apart my saxophone, and he had to show me, starting the demonstration with,“You don’t listen very well, do you?”


That one snarky comment solidified that I didn’t have what it took to play saxophone like David Bowie. 


Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to convince us of what we can’t do.


I can’t...

How many times have we started a sentence with this? Or someone told us we couldn’t do something? Those two words immediately box in what we are capable of and block us from moving forward. 


Sometimes, we are surrounded by people and influences who are focused on what they can’t do instead of what they can do.That living example makes its way into our subconscious and shows up in our lives when we try to reach our goals. That looming fear of potential failure colors the action we do take. It shows up in our approach to what we aredoing. 


We tend to focus on what we don’t know about a topic instead of what we do know about it.


We can procrastinate because we equate uncertainty with a higher probability for error. It keeps us from showing up and taking action on what we want.


That fear of being the architects of our failure dooms us from the start.


I don’t deserve what I want

Somewhere along the line, we were programmed to believe that our actions determine whether or not we deserve something. We have to prove we’re worthy of what we want. By only taking correct action, we are rewarded. 


That way of thinking makes everything we want to achieve conditional.


We may not trust our gut or follow our heart.


We may second-guess our actions because we don’t feel we deserve it to begin with.

Our subconscious thought becomes we only deserve success if we achieve it a certain way. If we do things “correctly,” we deserve success. If we make mistakes, we don’t deserve success.


Or our underlying thought becomes, “I only deserve what I want if I follow the path others have chosen for me.” How we feel about the path becomes secondary if it’s even a consideration.


When we take that approach, our actions become stifled because we aren’t satisfied. We’re doing what we’re told we should do,not what we want to do. When we take action based on what we are inspired to do rather than what we are told to do, our outcomes are so much better.


That premise of conditional achievement is another obstacle to reaching our goals. We may force ourselves to fit whatever conditions may be in front of us, making our tasks more complicated than necessary.


When we do this, we make life so much harder. All we have to do is focus our intent and energy, leaving the judgments out of it.


 It’s all within

Instead of looking outside of us to determine what we are capable of, what we deserve, why don’t we look within? We are bornwith everything we need inside of us. We were born with the power to create the life we want. 


Someone, some event, some circumstance told us that we couldn’t.


Being alive makes you worthy of what you want.There’s nothing you have to do to be happy or deserve what you want.


There’s not enough

That simple statement can be a guiding principle in a lot of our actions. The fear of there not being enough when we go after what we want or losing what we already have adds an extra weight we don’t need.


Almost a year and a half ago, I went to a beach resort town in Panama. In the afternoon, the locals had their water shut off to ensure they wouldn’t use too much water. Of course, the hotels didn’t havetheir water shut off because of the tourists. 


The tourists can have all the water they want,but the locals can’t? How is there not enough water when the world is 70% water?


The truth of the matter is: abundance is all around us. You just have to follow where it leads.


Somehow, we started operating on the premise that there isn’t enough to go around. 


It’s simply not true. We receive something everyday. Something good happens every day. We have to pay attention. 


It’s so easy to overlook the good because we or others around us evaluate and grade what’s happening.


Universal truths

When the noise of the voices around us or the experiences that occur clears, we have to realize simple truths. 


We are born valuable, worthy, and deserving.


Everything we need is in us, and, if it isn’t, an abundant and generous universe provides it to us.


It all starts and ends with gratitude. Gratitude for yourself, what you already have. When you recognize what you already have, more comes to you. No questions asked.


In an infinite universe, the possibilities are limitless. We just have to remember to believe it.

Until next time, look behind and beyond the veil...